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Quality Policy


Technological innovation, comfortable and durable fabrics, safe materials, painstaking attention to detail and superb performance. Peg Perego products are known all over the world as some of the finest exponents of Italian manufacturing, thanks to the exclusively Italian care behind them. At Peg Perego, the Italian quality is not just found in the technical solutions and assembly. The materials come from Italy too and their traceability is guaranteed.


In everything that we do, we never lose sight of the fact that the people who use our products every day are parents and their children. The final objective of every Peg Perego creation is complete wellbeing for the entire family. We are so dedicated to this commitment that the first people to benefit from it are the families of our staff. The Peg Perego company crèche was created for them. It sends out the concrete message that the first requirement for a job well done is to work properly in your own home.


Peg Perego products satisfy safety criteria that go beyond national boundaries. We believe that parents and children deserve the utmost care wherever they are. For this reason, we always choose to comply with the strictest safety regulations.


Choosing a Peg Perego product means feeling safe even after the purchase. The website www.pegperego.com is constantly updated and provides complete customer service for people who have bought our goods. We are just as meticulous in our dealings with our retailers. We ensure that we are constantly in touch with them and provide a network of help centers to solve.

Peg Perego S.p.A. has been certified by the ISO 9001.

In keeping with the way that the company operates, the certification provides clients and consumers with a guarantee of openness and trust. Our products both meet and exceed the toughest safety tests in the world.

Our toys conform with the safety requirements provided by the Council of the European Economic Community with the 2009/48/EC directive. Furthermore they are in line with the International Council of Toy Industries (ICTI) code of conduct and approved by a recognized European Institute.

Download the ISO 9001 certificate TUV