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When products enter people’s lives and stay there, playing a small but unforgettable role in their personal journeys, it means that those products were made intelligently and lovingly.

Since 1949 we have focused solely on creating products for children. We like to think that many families have chosen our goods because we too are a big family. Everyone contributes their specific skills and know-how to the success of a joint project.

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For doubts or problems regarding our products, for queries about warranties and spare parts you should, first of all, return to the store you bought the product in. Retailers have all the correct information to deal with the problem directly or to contact us easily and immediately.

If, for whatever reason, you cannot contact your retailer, find the store nearest to you and explain the problem – they will be able to supply the required assistance. If the retailer is unable to help you or offers solutions you are not satisfied with, you can contact our customer service directly.

If you prefer, we can provide assistance, please contact us.

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